Bones Farewell Campaign update #1

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Here we are with the first official update of the “Bones Farewell Campaign” !
If you already ordered your t-shirt, you should have received this message via email as well.
[ Just a little note on the side: If you didn’t… what are you waiting for??? Remember: this is not just to get an awesome Bones t-shirt, but also to help The Children Tumor’s Foundation fight Neurofibromatosis! All the info HERE ] 

With Comic-Con starting tonight, we are about to enter in what we hope is going to be the most prosperous phase of the campaign and we need help from each one of you to make it happen!
Whether you will physically be in San Diego this week or not it doesn’t matter, here’s what you can do to contribute:

+++ IF you are going to be at Comic-Con +++
A) Bring you t-shirt along
B) Wear it (at least) on Friday, July 22nd, for Bones panel and/or cast autographs session
C) Remember the rule: every time you meet another fan wearing the “blue lab coat” color you HAVE to take a picture together and tweet it with hashtag #BonesFarewell
D) While wearing your blue don’t forget to stop by the Fox booth on ‘the floor’ of the Convention Center and tweet your picture mentioning @BonesOnFox and @FoxTv … hopefully, because of our t-shirts, Fox people will have a bigger smile when handing out gadgets ;)
E) we also want to see pics of our blue army of squints meeting other tv fandoms and cosplayers or doing any other “geeky thing” one can do at SDCC. Of course don’t forget to include the hashtag #BonesFarewell !

+++ IF you are not going to be in San Diego +++
A) Did you already get your t-shirt? Awesome! Send us a pic of it (with or without you inside of it, we know you Squints are very shy!) in the most recognizable place of your city! A monument, a building, a landscape, whatever you feel represent best the place where you live. Let’s make our friends jealous and show the world how international and diverse the Bones fandom is!
[Note: Pictures will be collected for a special project we’ll tell you about later on. You have the right to request to be excluded from it, if you prefer]
B) You didn’t get your t-shirt yet? No worries, it’s on its way! In the meanwhile you can still help the campaign by telling your friends, convincing them to get one and tweeting about it!

Please remind that this first phase of the campaign will close on July 31st so there’s still time… but not that much!

For all the updates keep an eye on Twitter’s hashtag #BonesFarewell

Talk to you soon with the next update, Squints!

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