Bones Farewell Campaign: Phase 2 is now OPEN!

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Finally the big news you were all waiting for: Phase 2 of the #BonesFarewell Campaign is finally live!

After some technical problems with Booster (please contact us at if you had already bought it there) we decided it was just easier to remain on Represent, but with few major changes.

First thing first: now other than the unisex and female t-shirt or the tank top you can also buy a pullover, a long sleeve shirt or even a hoodie (!) Winter is coming so we thought that was going to be useful ;)

Second very important change: shipping is not “immediate” anymore. Despite the fact that this might look as an inconvenience, it actually allows a lower printing cost, which allows to collect more funds for charity.
Here’s how the new shipping system works:

Phase 2  will be divided in several rounds of about 10 days each.
If, within the single round, the minimum number of orders is met, shirts will start shipping within 14-18 days after that round is closed. (If minimum is not met, credit cards will not be charged)
Shipping usually takes about 5 business days within the U.S., more than 7 to ship abroad.

Round I: November 9th – 18th
ships to U.S. around Dec 9th
ships abroad after Dec 12th

Round II: November 19th – 28th
ships to U.S. around Dec 20th (Hopefully)
ships abroad after Dec 26th
But don’t forget it’s Holiday season, shipping might be delayed.

Round III: November 29th – December 9th
ships to U.S. around Dec 31st (Hopefully)
ships abroad after January 2nd

Round IV: December 10th – 24th
Round V: December 25th – 31st

The Goal

Phase 1 of the Campaign (read the results, Country by Country, HERE) set the bar pretty high in terms of results with $743 raised for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.
The Goal for this Phase 2 is to beat that number.
Do you think we can do it? We do think so.

Post your Pics!

And don’t forget: buying the shirt is only the first step!
We really need you to post the pictures of your shirt and make all your friends jealous: word of mouth is our most powerful tool to get the message out there!

Link to #BonesFarewell Campaign – Phase 2

Looking forward to a great Phase 2!

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