Primo spoiler s4

Returns // 8 p.m. April 14 with six new episodes

Where top series (Bones) left off before the strike…
…and where it goes…
Where we left off // The team was tracking “Gormogon,” a serial killer who collected his victims’ bones to form a ghoulish combo skeleton. Gormogon is still at large, but Brennan and Booth managed to seize his prized bone collection. Needless to say, Gormogon is peeved and wants it back. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Angela were thwarted in their effort to get hitched because Angela forgot she already had a husband. (Last show: Dec. 11)
What’s ahead // Angela’s husband will appear and not go quietly. Also, series creator Hart Hanson says he has plans to send Brennan and Booth to London for a special two-hour episode to air next season.

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