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Bones Farewell Campaign update #1

Bones Farewell Campaign logo

Here we are with the first official update of the “Bones Farewell Campaign” !
If you already ordered your t-shirt, you should have received this message via email as well.
[ Just a little note on the side: If you didn’t… what are you waiting for??? Remember: this is not just to get an awesome Bones t-shirt, but also to help The Children Tumor’s Foundation fight Neurofibromatosis! All the info HERE ]  (altro…)

Magazine “Anthropologically Speaking” English version

On December the 4th 2011 i-Bones celebrated its 5th birthday, and for this special occasion the staff decided to create a magazine where to collect the most meaningful experiences shared – thanks to Bones – by its users during this years of laughter, love, friendship and, sometimes, pain too.
The outcome (the Italian version of the magazine) met general approval, that’s why we thought to make it better and share it with Bones’ fans all over the world: if there’s something we’ve learned thanks to this amazing show, it’s that there are no boundaries when a common passion is shared.
We hope that you’ll like our magazine and we apologize for any translation mistake, but everyone who’s put an effort into this project is not a professional graphic designer, writer or translator, we’re just fans who wanted to share our own passion for Bones with you all.
And what better day to spread the love than Valentine’s day?

We hope you’ll enjoy what you’ll read and please, let us know what you think about it.

i-Bones Staff

Anthropologically Speaking English version